Change for a Cause

We are really excited to introduce JAKE'S CHANGE FOR A CAUSE initiative. 

What is it all about?

Each month, Jake’s will select a local charity or non-profit to support. Jake’s and its customers will combine forces to help bring more dollars to great causes.

This month's cause is Zack's Place, a community enrichment center in Woodstock VT for people with special needs. 

What is YOUR role?

Toss your spare change – a few pennies, a quarter, one dollar – into one of the two donation bins inside Jake’s Quechee Market. Every little bit, from every customer, counts.  

What is OUR role?

At the end of the month, Jake’s will tally up the customer donations, and match them, 1-for-1. That’s why every dollar counts. If customers donate $400, then a great cause will get a check for $800.

Why does it matter?

There is so much great work being done in this community and many of these causes need more additional support. Plus, this is a part of our broader effort to keep things local: buying products from VT, installing solar panels, and supporting great charities.